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washing powder


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Sonett® | Enthärter | 1kg
Sonnet® | softener | 1 kg Sale price$7.00($0.70/100g)
Sonett® | Waschmittel | Pulver-Konzentrat | 2,4kg
Sonett® | Bleichkomplex und Fleckentferner | 60ml
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Sonett® | Waschmittel | Pulver-Konzentrat | 10kg
Sonett® | Enthärter | 500g
Sonnet® | softener | 500g Sale price$5.00($10.00/kg)
Sonett® | Waschpulver Color | sensitiv | 1,2kg
Sonett® | Waschmittel | Pulver-Konzentrat | 1,2kg
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washing powder

Detergent powder is one of the most common forms of laundry detergent and is suitable for both hand washing and machine washing. It consists of a powdered substance composed of surfactants, enzymes, bleaching agents and fragrances. Detergent powder is particularly suitable for washing at higher temperatures, as it has the ability to remove even stubborn stains and dirt particles. There are different types of washing powder, such as heavy-duty detergents, color detergents, delicate detergents, which are suitable for different temperatures and types of laundry. There are also special washing powders that are suitable for allergy sufferers and those that are biodegradable. It is important to carefully read the instructions on the packaging of the washing powder and to follow the recommended dosage to get the best washing result and to avoid waste. When buying washing powder, it is also important to pay attention to the eco-label in order to reduce environmental pollution.
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