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Product description

  • Binds the lime dissolved in the water so that the detergent can develop its full cleaning power
  • Guarantees optimal use of the amount of detergent used
  • Without phosphates and petroleum chemicals

  • 100% biodegradable


Put the softener in the washing machine’s filling drawer and the detergent in the dosing washing ball directly into the drum.

In combination with detergent powder concentrate: from water hardness 8.4° dH / 15° fH

In combination with liquid detergent lavender or sensitive: from water hardness 14° dH / 25° fH

In combination with commercial detergents: from water hardness 14° dH / 25° fH

product feature

The separate dosing of the softener, adjusted to the local water hardness, guarantees optimal use of the amount of detergent used.

With the softener, as with the detergent, we limit ourselves to only necessary and justifiable ingredients and do without fillers, phosphates and other softening substances from petroleum products such as phosphonates, NTA (nitrilotriacetate) and EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid).

product declaration

Zeolite > 30%

Soda 15-30%

Citrate 5-15%

Origin and properties of the ingredients

Zeolite A (sodium aluminum silicate), the main component of the softener, is made from the easily accessible raw materials water glass and sodium aluminate. Based on the principle of the ion exchanger, this silicate intercepts the calcium and magnesium ions that cause water hardness and thus prepares soft water for washing with soap detergent. Soda, made from lime and table salt, forms a chemical compound with the lime in the water and thereby removes some of the water hardness builders from the wash water. Citrate, the salt of citric acid, which is obtained through the fermentation of sugary by-products such as molasses, binds the limescale, especially at low temperatures.

List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004

Zeolites, sodium carbonates, sodium citrates

Further information on INCI designations


Zeolite A is a water-insoluble mineral, similar to sand, which is deposited as a solid in sewage sludge without further degradation. Soda, also of a mineral nature, does not have to be further mined. The citric acid, as an organic substance, is completely broken down into carbon dioxide and water within 2-3 days.

Eco certification

NCP (Nature Care Product)

CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)

Vegan Society


500g can: PP

1 kg pack: Recycled material 85%

Outer packaging: PE

5 kg carton: 100% recycled material

Inner bag / handle: PE

Technical data Bulk density: (20 °C) approx. 0.6–0.7 g/cm³ pH value: (20 °C, 5 g/l H₂O) approx. 10–11

Store between 10 and 25 °C if possible.

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