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Dresdner Essenz® | Aroma-Booster Schaumbad | "Keep Calm & Take a Bath" | 500 ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Dreckspatz | Familien-Schaumbad | Zusammen ist's schön | 300 ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Aroma-Booster Schaumbad | "Don't Worry Be Happy" | 500 ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Badehonig | Süsse Feige | 350ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Aroma-Schaumbad | Cozy Love | 40ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Badekonzentrat | Abwehrkräfte | 125 ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Aroma-Schaumbad | Cotton Clouds | 40ml
Dresdner Essenz Badehonig Mystischer Zauber 350ml
Dresdner Essenz Aroma Booster Sprudelbad Keep calm and take a bath
Dresden Essence® | Aroma bubble bath | I'll warm you up | 40ml
Dresden Essence® | Gift set | Bath elixir All you need is sleep
Dresden Essence® | Gift set | Secret Santa's room
Dresden Essence® | Gift set | Secret Santa's room Sale price€5,99(€7,05/100ml)
Dresden Essence® | Gift set | Feel Good Bubble Baths | 3x 30ml
Dresdner Essenz Badeschaum 5 more Minutes 60g
Dresdner Essenz Badeschaum Dear Santa 60g
Dresdner Essenz Schaumbad Living the sweet life 40ml
Dresden Essence® | Bath concentrate | Pure peace | 125ml
Sold out
Dresdner Essenz® | Aroma-Booster Schaumbad | Free your Mind & Soul | 500 ml
Dresdner Essenz Geschenkset Natürlich Gesund Fühlen 3x20ml Baeder-Set
Dresdner Essenz® | Dreckspatz | Schaumbad | Hab Spaß | 40ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Dreckspatz | Schaumbad | Hab Spaß | 300ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Dreckspatz | Schaumbad | Träum gut | 300ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Aroma-Booster Schaumbad | "Love, Hugs & Kisses" | 500 ml
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bubble baths

Welcome to the Bubble Baths category at Warenpoint!

Bubble baths are the perfect way to relax and pamper yourself after a busy day. Our range offers a large selection of bubble baths in different fragrances and with different active ingredients.

Whether you want to perk up with a refreshing lemon bubble bath or relax with a soothing lavender bubble bath, you'll find a bubble bath to suit you. Our bubble baths contain natural ingredients such as essential oils and nourishing active ingredients that pamper your skin and give it a healthy appearance.

We look forward to helping you choose the perfect bubble bath.

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