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Dresdner Essenz® | 5er Sauna-Aufguss-Set | 5x 250ml
Dresdner Essenz 3er-Sauna Set
Sold out
Dresdner Essenz Sauna-Aufguss Eukalyptus-Menthol 250ml
Dresdner Essenz Sauna-Aufguss Eislimone 250ml
Dresden Essence | Sauna infusion | Orange-Honey | 250ml
Dresdner Essenz Sauna-Aufguss Orange-Rosmarin 250ml
Dresdner essence sauna infusion ice lime Sale price$7.00($28.00/l)
Dresdner-Essenz Koerper Peeling Minze 50g
Dresdner Essenz | Sauna-Aufguss | Kräuter | 250ml
Dresdner-Essenz Koerper Peeling Honig-Kraeuter 50g
Dresdner Essenz Sauna-Aufguss Japanische Minze 250ml

sauna products

A sauna infusion is an important part of a sauna session. It is used to increase the humidity in the sauna and thus intensify the sauna experience. There are many different infusions, each with their own individual scent and taste. Popular infusion additives include herbs such as mint, eucalyptus and stone pine, as well as exotic spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. A sauna infusion is created by pouring water over the hot stones in the sauna. Through contact with the hot stones, the water evaporates and the infusion additives are released, resulting in an intense cloud of fragrance. Sauna infusions are not only a pleasure for the senses, but also for your health. For example, they can free the airways and promote blood circulation. At you will find a large selection of sauna infusions in different scents.
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