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Showers - Refill and low packaging products


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Dresdner Essenz® | HYDRO | Feste Duschpflege | Bio-Aloe Vera & Lotosblüte | 100 g
Dresdner Essenz Bundle Duschgel Tag am Meer
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Dresdner Essenz® | BLOSSOM FESTIVAL | Feste Duschpflege | Bio-Magnolie & Mandelöl | 100 g
Dresdner Essenz® | Duschseife | Cremige Mandel | 75 g
Dresdner Essenz Duschgel-Pulver Tag am Meer 45g
Dresdner Essenz® | Festes Shampoo | Karibische Früchte | 65 g
Dresdner Essenz® | Shampoo Konzentrat | Sensitive | 40g
Dresdner Essenz® | Duschbad Konzentrat | Aquatische Frische | 40g
Dresdner Essenz® | Duschbad Konzentrat | Streichelzarte Pfingstrose | 40 g
Dresdner Essenz® | GLOW | Festes Shampoo | Bio-Granatapfel & Arganöl | 65 g
Dresdner Essenz Duschseife Winterwaerme 100g
Dresdner Essenz Bundle Duschgel Sunset Glow
Dresdner Essenz Duschgel Happy 250ml
Dresdner Essenz Duschgel-Pulver Happy 45g
Dresdner Essenz Duschgel Pulver Sensual 45g
Dresden Essence® | Refill pack aroma booster shower | Refresh | 45g
Dresdner Essenz® | Shampoo Konzentrat | Karibische Früchte | 40g
Dresdner Essenz® | Shampoo Konzentrat | Repair & Pflege | 40g
Dresdner Essenz® | Nachfüllbare Kosmetikflasche | Spender
Dresdner-Essenz Less-Waste Shampoo zum Anmischen Feuchtigkeit und Frische 40g
Dresdner Essenz® | Feste Gesichtsreinigung | Seidige Baumwolle | 65 g
Dresdner Essenz Bundle Duschpeeling Fruechtetraum
Produktbild Dresdner Essenz® | Vorteilspack Aroma-Booster Dusche | Refresh
Dresdner Essenz Bundle Duschgel Happy
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Showers - Refill and low packaging products

Shower products without unnecessary packaging or with refill options are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional shower products. They help reduce waste and conserve resources. Refillable shower products typically come in reusable bottles that can be refilled over and over again. These bottles are often made from sturdy materials such as glass or plastic, making them durable and reusable. Low-packaging shower products, on the other hand, are usually available in paper or fabric bags that can be easily disposed of after use. At Warenpoint.de you will find a large selection of sustainable shower products that are either refillable or require little packaging. These products not only ensure a pleasant shower experience, but also help protect the environment. Try it out and do something good for nature!
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