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SALTHOUSE® Original Dead Sea Therapy | Lemongrass shower peeling | 200ml
SALTHOUSE® Original Totes Meer Therapie | extra-leichte Körperlotion | Spender | 250 ml
Salthouse Totes Meer Therapie Koerperlotion
SALTHOUSE® Original Totes Meer Therapie | Creme Dusche | 250ml
SALTHOUSE® Original Totes Meer Therapie | Körperlotion | Lemonengras | 200 ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Feuchtigkeits-Bodygel | Belebende Aloe Vera | 200ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Straffendes Creme-Gel | Paradiesischer Granatapfel | 200ml
Dresdner Essenz® | HYDRO | Feste Duschpflege | Bio-Aloe Vera & Lotosblüte | 100 g
Dresdner Essenz® | Hautöl | Granatapfel | Grapefruit | 100 ml
SALTHOUSE® Original Totes Meer Therapie | extra-leichte Körperlotion | Tube | 250 ml
Sonett® | Körper-und Massageöl & Body Lotion | Lavendel Weihrauch | Geschenkset | 2x 50ml
Sonett® | Körper- und Massageöl & Body Lotion | Zitrone Zirbelkiefer | Geschenkset | 2x 50ml
Sonett® | Body Lotion | Zitrone Zirbelkiefer | 145ml
Sonett® | Body Lotion | Myrthe Orangenblüte | 145ml
Sonett® | Body Lotion | Lavendel Weihrauch | 145ml
Dresdner Essenz Koerpercreme Streichelzarte Pfingstrose 200ml
Dresdner Essenz® | Badeseife | Hautzarter Hafer | 180 g
Dresdner Essenz® | Mini-Set | Keep on rollin'! | 2x 20ml
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body creams

The "Body creams" category on Warenpoint.de offers a wide selection of high-quality body care products. You'll find luxurious body lotions, body butters and body oils in a variety of scents and textures to suit every skin type. These products are made with natural ingredients that care and nourish the skin. Also discover special body creams for specific needs such as moisturizing, anti-aging or cellulite reduction. Our body creams are tailored to all skin types and contain no harmful chemicals. Choose the product that suits you best from our wide range of brands and fragrances and enjoy an incomparable body care experience with Warenpoint.de.
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