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Combination skin care – find the right routine

Mischhaut-Pflege – die richtige Routine finden

When facial skin is dry in some areas but oily and impure in other areas, many people are at their wits' end. In fact, over 20% of all German women have combination skin. This skin type is usually associated with unwanted shine, impurities and at the same time unpleasant feelings of tension, so that many of those affected do not feel comfortable in their skin.

Fortunately, with the right tips and tricks, the skin can be brought back into balance in no time at all. This article shows what care combination skin needs to become clean, smooth and healthy.

What is combination skin?

Many people with combination skin have been experimenting with different care routines for years to finally find a strategy that works. Unfortunately, quite a few remain unsuccessful, because combination skin is often misinterpreted - it has the properties of dry as well as oily and impure skin and is therefore particularly difficult to identify.

Luckily, the right skincare routine can go a long way in bringing skin back into its natural balance. To do this, however, we should first take a close look at what combination skin actually is and what characteristics it brings with it.

Combination skin is a skin type with different types of skin texture . Typical are:

  • Shiny and impure areas in the so-called T-zone on the nose, chin and forehead, as there are more sebaceous glands there.

  • Dry areas on the cheeks , so that feelings of tension are not uncommon here.

Incidentally, the skin type is not only genetically determined, but is also determined above all by hormonal influences, lifestyle and the individual care routine. Even if your own skin tends to be combination skin, the characteristics can vary and can be influenced with a few tips and tricks.

How do I recognize combination skin?

The symptoms of combination skin often do not improve because the skin type is mistaken for dry or impure skin. In order to find the right care routine, the skin type should first be determined correctly.

Combination skin can manifest itself through the following factors:

  • a shiny film of oil on the chin, nose and forehead

  • Blemishes, pimples and blackheads in the T-zone

  • enlarged pores in the T-zone

  • dry cheeks

  • rough and tense areas outside of the T-zone

Treating skin that is too oily or just taking care of dry areas is not enough for combination skin. Instead, the different requirements of the skin must be taken into account and the problem tackled at the root.

Causes of combination skin

Combination skin occurs when the skin in the T-zone produces excess sebum . The skin type occurs mainly between the ages of 12 and 30 - it is precisely then that those affected are struggling with hormonal fluctuations and changes in the metabolic processes in the body.

During puberty, hormones such as testosterone ensure the increased formation of sebaceous glands. These settle mainly in the T-zone, which creates the greasy film on the skin. If the pores become clogged, excess sebum accumulates, resulting in impurities, pimples and blackheads.

The fact that the body reacts with corresponding symptoms is genetically predisposed . Nevertheless, an unhealthy, greasy and sugary diet can also promote the tendency to combination skin. In addition, factors such as stress, the climate or the intake of medication have an effect on the development of combination skin.

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The right care products for combination skin

Due to its different characteristics, combination skin is somewhat more demanding in terms of care. On the one hand, the oily parts of the T-zone should be supplied with antibacterial, mattifying and sebum-regulating ingredients . On the other hand , dry cheeks need a lot of moisture to protect the skin in this area from premature aging.

Special combination skin care series are tailored precisely to these requirements and have a balancing effect on the skin. On the one hand they mattify the complexion and prevent pimples and their causes , on the other hand they supply dry areas with valuable moisture.

A holistic care routine is important:

  1. Cleansing : Combination skin is sensitive in many places, which is why the skin should be cleaned as gently as possible and without aggressive ingredients. Nevertheless, it is important that the cleansing product reliably removes excess skin oil and unclogs the pores. For example, a cleansing foam with a mild formula and gentle texture is suitable for this, which also provides valuable moisture.

    A clarifying facial toner can also prevent impurities and have a regulating effect on the skin's sebum production.

  2. Care: The dry areas of combination skin should definitely be supplied with sufficient moisture. Furthermore, the ideal care for combination skin has a light and oil-free texture in order not to further clog the pores in the oily T-zone. Facial care should be non-comedogenic and contain ingredients that regulate sebum production. The complexion is additionally matted and impurities are prevented.

  3. Sun protection : Even with combination skin, daily sun protection is essential. Excessive UV radiation causes damage to the skin cells, which can have negative effects in the long term - premature skin aging, pigment spots and even skin cancer can be the result. A light, oil-free formula with SPF 30 or higher is best for combination skin.

  4. Care extras: The daily care of combination skin can be supplemented with care products specially tailored to the skin type. Among other things, serums are suitable here, which help to clarify the skin and supply it with important nutrients. Gentle peelings can open clogged pores and smooth the complexion. A mask used from time to time gives the skin intensive care and makes it look fresher.

  5. Make-up : Many people with combination skin are particularly fond of using foundation and powder to mattify oily areas of skin and cover up imperfections. Care should be taken to use non-comedogenic and oil-free products that will not clog pores or irritate the skin.

Tips for cleaning & caring for combination skin

Proper care for combination skin has three goals: mattifying oily skin areas, moisturizing dry skin areas and preventing impurities in the T-zone .

In the following we have put together helpful tips that are worth their weight in gold for demanding combination skin.

Mattify oily skin areas

  • Due to excessive sebum production, the face benefits from a twice-daily cleansing morning and evening to remove excess sebum and unclog pores.

  • It is essential to use oil-free, non-comedogenic care and cleansing products - the same applies to make-up.

  • Matting paper towels, so-called blotting paper, can also help absorb excess skin oil throughout the day and make the complexion appear less shiny.

Take care of dry skin areas

  • Mild moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid or aloe vera are ideal for providing valuable moisture to dry areas without weighing the skin down.

  • Lighter consistency products such as gel-based fluids or creams work better for combination skin than heavy oil-based creams.

  • Special masks for combination skin can clarify the T-zone and at the same time moisturize dry areas.

Counteract impure skin areas

  • Blemishes can be treated in a targeted manner with appropriate products that are applied separately to the respective areas of the face - so the cheeks don't dry out any further.

  • Ingredients like salicylic acid are particularly good at preventing breakouts, fighting bacteria and unclogging pores.

  • Don't forget: Impure skin areas also need moisturizing care , even if they may appear oily and greasy at first glance. Light formulas with valuable ingredients such as ceramides help to strengthen the skin barrier and make it more resistant to pimple-causing bacteria.

Proper care for combination skin (https://elements.envato.com/skin-care-SHHE72E)


How do you properly care for combination skin?

The ideal care routine for combination skin consists of gentle but effective cleansing and care with a light, oil-free texture. To prevent impurities, cleaning should be done twice a day - gentle peelings can also free the skin from excess skin fat.

Which products for combination skin?

Products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic - i.e. do not clog the pores - are particularly suitable for the care of combination skin. This prevents the formation of new pimples and blackheads. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, which has a regulating effect on sebum production, are also suitable for combination skin.

But moisture should not be neglected either: Mild moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid or aloe vera provide dry areas with moisture and relieve feelings of tension.

What can you do about combination skin?

Even with combination skin, extra care can't hurt: peelings, serums and masks that are specially tailored to the needs of combination skin can improve dry and oily skin in the long term. At the same time, the effective ingredients reduce impurities and regulate sebum production.

Important: Peelings should be formulated to be particularly mild and moisturizing so as not to irritate dry skin.

Which face cream is the best for combination skin?

The best combination skin creams have a light, oil-free texture that won't weigh the skin down. Special active ingredients can even refine the pores and regulate sebum production. Many creams also offer a mattifying effect that makes the oily T-zone appear less shiny.

Combination skin should also be supplied with sufficient moisture. Products with hyaluronic acid are particularly good for caring for sensitive combination skin and keeping dry areas supple.


Oily and dry skin at the same time? It doesn't have to be. The right care routine quickly brings combination skin back into balance: dry areas are effectively moisturized and the greasy T-zone is matted, preventing impurities.

With the right products, such as the SALTHOUSE® Original Dead Sea Therapy Hyaluronic Face Cream 24h, the skin looks lastingly healthy, matt and well-groomed, and the skin feels good too. It is important to use oil-free and non-comedogenic care products that are ideally designed for the needs of combination skin.

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