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Salt is not only suitable for cooking and frying! It also makes a lot as a bath additive and has some good properties. However, it depends on the type of salt, because not every one is suitable for use on the skin. Salt from the Dead Sea can help improve the complexion and alleviate diseases such as neurodermatitis. Find out here how it achieves this effect and what makes it so special.

What is Dead Sea Salt?

As the name suggests, Dead Sea salt is extracted from the Dead Sea . This lies between Jordan, Israel and the West Bank and is fed by the Jordan River. Strictly speaking, this is not a sea, but a lake with an area of ​​900 square kilometers . The most important feature of the Dead Sea is the high salt content of around 28 to 33 percent . The value is significantly higher than that of other waters such as the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

What are the characteristics of the Dead Sea salt?

Salt from the Dead Sea can be used particularly well for alkaline bath additives . These have the task of neutralizing acids in the skin and supporting the skin's own acid protection. Dead Sea bath salts have other skin care properties and valuable minerals .

The Dead Sea salt stands for beauty and health

Traditions show that the famous Queen Cleopatra already used the "white gold" in her beauty baths.

In the years 384-322 BC, Aristotle first described that the water of the Dead Sea was so bitter and salty that no fish could live in it and neither animal nor man could drown in it.

Furthermore, there are reports in the Talmud that provide information about the healing power of the Dead Sea. Since medical treatments are forbidden on the Sabbath, bathing in the Dead Sea was even forbidden on this holiday. The first chemical analyzes of the salt took place in the middle and end of the 18th century. Scientific records were first made in Napoleon's time .

The therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea were already known in ancient times. The Roman healer Galen of Pergamum discovered that Dead Sea salt can relieve discomfort from conditions such as arthritis, eczema, rheumatism and psoriasis and relaxes skin, leaving it soft and silky.

Today, Dead Sea salt is enjoying increasing popularity again and is mainly used in the form of bath additives as Dead Sea bath salts .

These components are contained in Dead Sea salt

Salt is a mineral. Dead Sea salt is composed of magnesium chloride (50.8 percent), calcium chloride (14.4 percent), sodium chloride (30.4 percent) and potassium chloride (4.4 percent).


Magnesium ions are able to reach the metabolically active area of ​​the skin. The mineral therefore affects the entire energy metabolism of the skin. It promotes the formation of salt deposits in the epidermis . Dead Sea salt is therefore ideal for dry skin , as it keeps it moist and supple. The increased moisture in turn helps to reduce inflammation of the skin.

calcium and potassium

Calcium is an effective mineral against allergies and infections. Dead Sea salt is therefore also suitable for people with sensitive skin and can provide it with more resilience. People who cannot use conventional bath additives due to allergies and other ailments benefit equally from Dead Sea bath salts. Due to its disinfecting properties, it can relieve itching and soothe the skin.

Potassium is involved in regulating the water balance . It supports the immune system and can inhibit inflammation.


Bromine has a calming effect and relaxes muscles. It supports the renewal of the skin and normalizes desquamation. This facilitates the shedding of old skin cells . The Dead Sea contains around 50 times more bromine than other seas.

The effects of Dead Sea salt on the skin

The effect of Dead Sea salt on the skin has not yet been fully researched. However, in general, salt water is good for the skin . Dead Sea salt is considered the healthiest salt. That is why it is also offered as a product for use at home.

The skin becomes clean down to the pores

A salt solution, also known as brine , is particularly suitable for cleaning the skin. All you have to do is add salt from the Dead Sea to the bath water or use Dead Sea bath salts and lie back and relax.

In the salt bath , cornifications soften well , while the skin's metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated at the same time. Dead skin cells begin to slough off and the skin feels flaky afterwards.

What can lead to slight tension and dryness in the short term creates more space for regrowing skin cells. The skin is thus stimulated to produce new cells .

Skin moisture improves

Dead Sea salt has the property of being stored in the outer horny layer and binding moisture there. The skin also benefits in the long term from minerals and trace elements , which reach the depths of the horny layer with the sea salt. The brine of a salt bath can work wonders and form a protective film on the skin with magnesium.

Sore skin heals better

Due to its antibacterial, i.e. disinfecting properties, Dead Sea salt is particularly suitable for small wounds caused by diseases such as acne, neurodermatitis or psoriasis. Products containing Dead Sea salt also reduce inflammation.

Effect on oily skin

Dead Sea salt is known to remove excess fat . This also removes dead skin cells. Thus, it cleans the pores of the skin, which favors the drainage of natural sebum . After a bath in the Dead Sea or with appropriate care additives for the bathtub, the skin usually appears more even and is free of pustules and pimples.

Advisable for scaly skin and scalp

Those who suffer from severe flaking of the skin and scalp can particularly benefit from Dead Sea salt. It is advisable to always submerge your head in a bath so that the salt can get everywhere. Alternatively, special hair shampoos that are enriched with the active ingredient Dead Sea salt help to curb scalp problems .

Various uses of Dead Sea salt

There are various areas of application for Dead Sea salt. The product is particularly popular as a bath salt, as it can help alleviate skin diseases and improve the complexion over the long term . Dead Sea bath salts are also very suitable for various muscle and joint diseases such as gout, inflammation of the nerves or circulatory disorders.

However, it also makes sense to use it on completely healthy skin, as it helps to maintain it. The anti-aging effect of skin care has been newly researched. Dead Sea salt has been proven to slow down the aging process of the skin. This is possible because the high concentration of nutrients can also penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and promote regeneration. Dead Sea bath salts often strengthen the immune system and thereby prevent diseases.

Dead Sea bath salts are also used as a scrub or mask . To do this, the product is mixed with cooking oil or jojoba oil, or with a little milk for a particularly thick consistency. Dead Sea bath salt mixed with milk and honey can be wonderfully applied as a mask to the skin on the face, neck and décolleté .

A foot or hand bath with Dead Sea salt soothes the skin in the affected areas and is particularly beneficial after a long walk or strenuous manual work.

You can get Dead Sea salt wherever other bath additives are available, for example in drugstores or other specialist shops. Some treatments such as full baths or steam baths, packs, wraps and peelings can be tried out at home.

But you can also go to a beauty or wellness facility that offers skin treatments with this sea salt. Perhaps you will discover other areas of application that you would not have thought of on your own.

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