Our team of experts has put together many informative articles for you in which we address important questions and topics and give you valuable tips. startet neues Bonuspunkteprogramm starts a new bonus points program, one of the leading platforms for CO2-positive online shopping for drugstore goods , today launched its new bonus points program.

Wir haben unsere Suchfunktionen umgestaltet und unsere Kategoriebeschreibungen aktualisiert.

We've revamped our search features and updated our category descriptions.

We at, the CO2-positive online marketplace for trading drugstore items , have updated our category descriptions to offer users a better shopping experience.

Neu im Shop: Die Marke Sonett

New in the shop: the Sonett brand

Sonett – pioneer for ecological detergents and cleaning agents

Unsere Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie

Our sustainability strategy

Find out more about our sustainability strategy. Read how we select, pack and ship our products. Find out how we offset the emissions caused and what we plan to do in the future.