New in the shop: the Sonett brand

Neu im Shop: Die Marke Sonett

Sonett – pioneer for ecological
detergents and cleaning agents

Since 1977, the Sonett company has been convincing that only ideal-oriented entrepreneurship is really future-proof, ie it is able to reverse the rampant destruction of nature and transform it into impulses for development.

The Sonett company sees washing and cleaning in a constructive manner, in harmony with people and nature, as a task, in particular to care for the element of water. In this way, work is continuously carried out to maintain and further develop Sonett's ideals and initial values .

Sonnet Portrait

Sonett has been setting standards for 40 years

In the beginning there was the water and the natural scientist Johannes Schnorr, who used the drip pattern method to determine the extent to which drinking water was already contaminated by detergent surfactants at the end of the 1960s. He developed the idea of ​​ecological and economical washing in a modular system and thus gave the impetus for founding the Sonett company. Because the washing substances can only be optimally used if detergent, softener and bleach are dosed separately. The renunciation of raw materials from petroleum chemistry, complete biodegradability, resolute rejection of genetic engineering, no enzymes and the use of oils and essential oils from organic cultivation are still the ecological criteria for sustainable washing and cleaning today.

Sonett's understanding of sustainability goes beyond pure ecology. Sonett sees itself as a pioneer not only in relation to the efficiency and economy of the products, but also in the social design of the company. A whole range of Sonett products are filled and labeled by people with assistance needs from the adjacent Camphill workshops in Lehenhof. The Sonett company is managed in partnership and was transferred to the non-profit Sonett Foundation years ago.

"We see the meaning of our work in the fact that we not only burden nature and especially water a little less, but understand water as the carrier of all living things, respect it and want to revitalize it."

impulse and task

The initial impulse for the Sonett product line is the care and responsibility for water as the carrier of all living things. Water is the actual washing and cleaning agent.

"By using easily and completely degradable raw materials, such as purely vegetable soaps, sugar surfactants and minerals such as soda and silicates, we support the water's cleaning power and at the same time promote its rapid return and reintegration into the natural cycle. Washing and cleaning is a cultural achievement that, by it benefits people, but at the same time pollutes the water. We see it as our task to bring washing and cleaning in harmony with nature and in particular with the water in a constructive way."


With the emerging natural food movement in the 1970s, Sonett was founded in 1977 as one of the first manufacturers of ecological detergents and cleaning agents.

The actual roots of Sonett lie a few years further back in the institute for flow in Herrischried in the Black Forest. Here the anthroposophical natural scientist J. Schnorr worked on drinking water tests using the drip pattern method.

responsibility property

Sonett is a company without traditional ownership. The sole shareholder is a foundation. Sonett can neither be sold nor inherited, that's what the foundation statutes want and that's how it lives naturally in all members of the management and so the ground is prepared in an optimal way for the company succession. Profits and the company itself have never been understood as something to be treated as a commodity. This type of corporate understanding can be called steward-ownership: the right to private profits, the private ownership of plants and buildings is completely eliminated - what remains, however, is the "ownership of responsibility".*

Sonett is about responsibility towards people, nature and capital. The motivation is therefore economic, social and ideal. And, just as we as employees do not work for money but need money in order to be able to work, so does the company. Sonett is not there for profit, but needs profits to be able to fulfill its task.

The non-profit Sonett Foundation promotes organic farming, seed research, water research, the development of alternative test methods to animal experiments, supports ecological beekeeping and a variety of ecological, cultural and artistic initiatives.

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