Our sustainability strategy

Unsere Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie

Environmental awareness is particularly important to us at Warenpoint.de. That is why we carefully select our range and make sure that it is produced as sustainably as possible, has low packaging costs, comes from local suppliers and has environmentally friendly content.

We are aware that the shipping of a product also plays an important role in sustainability. That's why we rely exclusively on DHL GoGreen and DPD to be able to offer our customers CO2-neutral shipping.

Our goal is not only to operate in a climate-neutral manner, but also to become climate-positive. That's why we donate a tree for every 20th order to offset our carbon footprint.

In order to save packaging material, we only use recycled shipping boxes and make our filling material ourselves from old shipping boxes. Our vehicle fleet is also already electrified in order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. We are working to obtain our electricity supply exclusively from renewable energies all year round.

However, if emissions are unavoidable, we offset them through our partner Atmosfair.

We are constantly striving to further reduce our footprint and welcome ideas and suggestions from our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have a good idea on how we can further improve our sustainability strategy.

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