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Product description

scope of application

For regreasing heavily used woolen clothing and for woolen diaper pants.

With natural wool fat and organic olive oil soap

  • For regreasing heavily used clothing made of wool and silk
  • Returns wool textiles to their natural elasticity
  • Scent of essential lavender oil from controlled organic cultivation
  • 100% biodegradable


For regreasing heavily used wool and silk clothing.

Particularly important for wool diaper pants, which absorb the wetness of the diaper package due to the natural wool fat content and are still permeable to air. If wool diaper pants are washed, they lose the naturally occurring wool fat. The wool treatment, applied regularly, reintroduces the wool fat necessary for its function.

Dosage wool diaper pants

Dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of Wollkur in a little hot water and fill up to approx. 1 liter with cold water. Lay the damp wool diaper pants in the hand-warm solution, press through several times and leave for about ½ to 1 hour. Rinse in lukewarm water, squeeze and let dry on a towel.

Dosage Hard-wearing wool clothing such as felted jackets, wool felt hats, work jumpers, etc.

Dissolve ½ tsp wool conditioner in a little hot water and proceed as described above.

The wool treatment can also be used in the washing machine. To do this, dissolve ½ tsp wool treatment in approx. 30-40 ml warm water and put the solution in the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine.

product feature

The wool grease used is of pharmacopeia quality. With the help of the olive oil soap and the sugar tenside, it is possible to use the wool treatment even with hard water without any problems. The olive oil and essential lavender oil are 100% certified organic.

product declaration

Natural wool fat (pesticide-free) 15–30% olive soap, from certified organic cultivation 15–30% sugar surfactant 5–15% cetyl alcohol 1–5% vegetable thickener <1% citrate <1% essential lavender oil, from certified organic cultivation <1% balsamic additives , from certified organic cultivation / wild collection <1% water ad 100%

Origin and properties of the ingredients

Wool fat is obtained from the freshly sheared sheep's wool and freed from pesticide and herbicide residues using a special process. In order for the wool fat to be finely distributed in the water and absorbed by the fibers, it must be emulsified into fine droplets with the help of olive soap and sugar tenside. Sugar, coconut and palm fat are the starting materials for the production of sugar surfactant. Olive soap is formed when olive oil reacts with lye. Olive oil is the best oil raw material for a mild moisturizing vegetable soap. Its balanced composition of fatty acids, its healing balancing effect on the heart and circulation and the remarkable development of the olive tree plant in a 7-year rhythm shows the special closeness and relationship of this oil to people. Cetyl alcohol obtained from palm fat and vegetable thickeners support the emulsifying effect of sugar surfactant and olive oil soap.

List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004

Aqua, Lanolin, Potassium Soap*, Alkylpolyglucoside C8-C16 (Coco Glucoside), Cetyl Alcohol, Polysaccharides (Xanthan Gum), Sodium / Potassium Citrate, Parfum*, Linalool*

*certified organically grown

Further information on INCI designations ‣


The natural substances wool fat and cetyl alcohol, in a finely emulsified form, are easily microbiologically degradable. Soap made from vegetable oils has the outstanding feature compared to all other washing-active substances that immediately after use it combines with the lime that is always present in the waste water to form lime soap and thereby neutralizes its effect on living organisms (primary degradation). The lime soap is then 100% broken down by microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water (secondary breakdown). In the manufacturing process of sugar tenside, parts of the starch, sugar and fat are removed from the vegetable raw materials, but their chemical structure is retained in full. It is therefore easy for the microorganisms to degrade these surfactants very quickly and completely to 100% in CO₂ and H₂O. According to the OECD, soap, sugar surfactants and cetyl alcohol are considered to be easily biodegradable.

Eco certification

NCP (Nature Care Product)

CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)


Bottle: PE

Closure: PE / PP

Labels: PE

Outer carton: 100% recycled material

Technical specifications

Density: (20 °C) approx. 0.99 g / cm³ pH value: (20 °C, 5 g / l H₂O) approx. 7-8

Store between 10 and 25 °C if possible.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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