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Product description

For dishwashers

• Pure, coarse-grained boiled table salt • Without trickling agents, dyes and other additives • For an optimal rinsing result

scope of application

To regenerate the ion exchanger of the dishwasher.


An ion exchanger is permanently installed in every dishwasher, which intercepts the hardness ions in the water, calcium and magnesium, and directs soft water into the dishwasher. This is to prevent limescale deposits on glasses and cutlery. If the ion exchanger is saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, the absorption capacity must be restored by regeneration. Regenerating salt is used for this, which causes the exchange of the hardness ions and thus ensures an optimal dishwashing result.

Dosage As soon as the salt requirement indicator lights up in the dishwasher, fill the salt container provided with regeneration salt in accordance with the machine manufacturer's instructions for use.

Experience has shown that there are machines that display the need for salt very late. To prevent this, regeneration salt should be refilled regularly, even if the display has not yet reported. If the salt container was completely empty, you should wait approx. 2 hours after refilling before starting the machine again, so that the ion exchanger has enough time to regenerate.

Set the dishwasher's softening system 8 °dH / 15 °fH higher than the actual water hardness.

Please refer to the operating instructions for your dishwasher for instructions on how to do this.

Dishwasher information ‣

The chambers for regeneration salt and rinse aid should always be full.

product feature

The regeneration salt is pure evaporated salt that has crystallized out, without any trickling agents, synthetic dyes or other additives.

product declaration

Pure, coarse-grained evaporated table salt 100%

Origin and properties of the ingredients

In rock salt deposits, the salt is broken up, dissolved in water and crystallized into coarse grains. This keeps impurities out. As a concentrated solution in the dishwasher's salt container, it exchanges the bound calcium and magnesium ions for the sodium ions in the regeneration salt so that the ion exchanger can supply soft water again.

List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004

sodium chloride

Further information on INCI designations


Common salt is a natural component of our bodies of water. Although table salt is of a mineral nature and does not have to be mined further, it does contribute – albeit in a relatively small proportion – to the increase in salt pollution in our water. With medium water hardness, approx. 40-50 g of salt get into the waste water per wash cycle.

Eco certification

NCP (Natural Care Product)

CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)

Vegan Society


Bag: PE

Outer carton: 100% recycled material

Technical specifications

Table salt reacts pH-neutrally in an aqueous solution.

Store between 10 and 25 °C if possible.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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