Sonnet® | Body and massage oil | lemon stone pine | 145ml

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Product description

Lemon and stone pine provide powerful and revitalizing support in all situations in which courage, endurance and resilience are needed.

  • Made from 100% vegetable oils

    controlled organic cultivation

  • With rhythmized mistletoe extract


Please shake the oil well before applying to the skin until the emulsion is evenly creamy.

Within a short time, the skin absorbs the oil very well and feels pleasantly soft and cared for.


Nourishing care oil of the highest organic quality with rhythmic mistletoe extract activates, harmonises and forms a protective cover.

In the Mistelform massage oils, the dynamized, watery mistletoe oscillator is processed with organic olive oil into an emulsion with the help of lanolin. This emulsion is a shake emulsion that is shaken well before use until the oil is evenly creamy.

The lanolin used from controlled organic animal husbandry is obtained from freshly sheared sheep's wool. Its composition is similar to human skin fat. It is therefore very well absorbed by the skin. It nourishes, cares for and makes the skin supple.

The watery mistletoe oscillator is made from the berries and leaves of fir and apple mistletoe that are harvested in the Deggenhausertal. Details on the method of oscillation can be found here .

The fresh, spicy scent of the massage oil is created by a mixture of essential oils from Sicilian organic lemons, South Tyrolean stone pine oil and organic lemongrass from a social project in Vietnam.


Olive oil*, mistletoe extract from berries* and leaves*, sensitized in the oscillator, lanolin**, vegetable alcohol (ethanol)*, essential oils from lemon*, lemongrass* and stone pine*

*from certified organic cultivation / wild collection

**from controlled organic animal husbandry


NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard) CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)


Bottle: Glass Cap: PE / PP Labels: PE Product box: 100% recycled material Outer box: 100% recycled material

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