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The organ donation card that the citizen willing to donate carries with him creates clarity. If it is not available, the relatives must otherwise decide in the event of an accident or sudden serious illness; The person concerned would then no longer have the opportunity to exercise their personal rights. In addition, the ID card relieves relatives of having to make a serious decision in an oppressive situation. In the organ donation card, which has been changed since 1997, you can either give general consent to organ donation, or you can restrict it to certain organs or tissues or object to organ donation. In the “Notes/Special Notes” line you can name a person who should be notified in the event of death.

Filling out this declaration is a completely unbureaucratic act that requires little effort. It is also possible to simply record your explanation informally on a piece of paper. However, a testamentary declaration would be useless because a will is opened at a time when it is too late for organ removal.
Nobody has to worry about making a commitment once and for all. Anyone who changes their attitude towards organ donation simply needs to destroy the old declaration. You can record your changed attitude on a new ID card. It also makes sense to inform relatives or another person you trust about the changed decision.

The organ donor card is available in many doctor's offices and pharmacies. You can also order it here or download the ID card as a PDF document, print it out and cut out the form and fill it out.

It makes sense to carry the organ donor card with you with your personal papers, as this is the first thing to look in the event of an accident so that relatives can be informed. You can also leave the ID card with relatives or a non-relative trusted person. The organ donor card is not registered or deposited at any official location .

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